The Netflixification of Everything

Let’s Face It, It’s Happening

Ren Willis


So, what is next?

By Ren Willis

In the video world of the Entertainment Arts, we have long seen the “Netflixification Of Everything” happening. Netflix famously went from being an online mail-delivery video rental version of Blockbuster (who?) to become one of the most important sources of original video content that still has network television shook and network executives waking up in the middle of the night sweating in their tighty-whities.

Since the Netflix juggernaut, we’ve seen Hulu blossom…. ish, maybe, well, let’s see what Disney does with it. We’ve seen Comedy Central try to push their own app channels on streaming boxes. HBO Go, Showtime, hell even CBS has gotten into the game launching an All Access subscription site to see new episodes of Star Trek Discovery.

Can. Not. Wait (to pirate this).

But this is only the beginning. Disney recently confirmed that Captain Marvel will not be going to Netflix, being exclusive to their own streaming service Disney+ (side note: horrible name). And even more recently, Netflix has dropped the last of their Marvel properties in preparation of the launch of the Netflix competitor. Smart move, imo, pull the bandaid off now to prevent what amounts to further advertising Marvel’s, er, I mean, Disney’s new service.

Then there is Apple which is this close to launching Apple Video — not the official name of the service, but I can’t call it AppleTV can I? — as they continue the hard pivot to “services” and try not to depend so much on me buying another $1000+ smartphone. Rumors of it being possibly too “family friendly” aside, we have to assume it will be more compelling than whatever the hell the garbagefire “Planet Of The Apps” was — which was on Apple Music??? Huh.

In the video world, none this is new news. We’ve seen all this happening for a long time now, it’s just we are at the point were so much more of it is about to go online and beg for our approx. $10…